15th Indian Division

History of the 15th Indian Division

This Division was formed on 7 May 1916 and replaced the 12th Indian Division, which had been serving on the River Euphrates front in Mesopotamia. Two of the brigades (12th and 34th) transferred into the new formation from the 12th Indian Division. The third brigade (42nd) was already in Mesopotamia, having landed in late March and early April 1916. The division remained in the Mesopotamia theatre and took part in the following officiall-named actions:

11 September: the Action of As Sahilan

28-29 September: the Capture of Ramadi

9 March: the Occupation of Hit
26 – 27 March: the Action of Khan Baghdadi

The division was disbanded in March 1919.

Order of Battle

The Division was a typical formation of the Indian Army in that it contained both Indian and British units. This page at present shows only the British units. I hope to add the Indian ones in due course.

Divisional headquarters

12th Indian Brigade

1/5th Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

128 Machine Gun Company (MGC)

M Light Trench Mortar Battery

34th Indian Brigade

129 Machine Gun Company (MGC)

N Light Trench Mortar Battery

42nd Indian Brigade

1/4th Dorsetshire Regiment

1/4th Devonshire Regiment

130 Machine Gun Company (MGC)

O Light Trench Mortar Battery

Mounted Troops

“D” Squadron of the 1/1st Hertfordshire Yeomanry

Divisional artillery

VII Mountain Brigade (RGA) (21 and 26 Mountain Batteries)

3rd Home Counties Brigade (RFA)

77 (Howitzer) Battery (RFA) (joined CCXXII Brigade when that unit arrived)

CCXXII Brigade (RFA)

CCXV Brigade (RFA)

15th Indian Divisional Ammunition Column (RFA)

Divisional engineers

448 Field Company (RE)

450 Field Company (RE)

451 Field Company (RE)

15th Indian Divisional Signal Company (RE)

Other divisional troops

275 Machine Gun Company (MGC)

X.15 Medium Trench Mortar Battery

15th Indian Divisional Train (ASC)

6 and 16 Mobile Veterinary Sections


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