2nd (Rawalpindi) Division

History of the 2nd (Rawalpindi) Division

Headquartered in Rawalpindi, the Division remained in the area throughout the war. It held posts at Abbottabad, Attock, Bura Gali, Ghora Daka, Kalabagh, Khanspur, Khya Gali, Lyallpore, Mona, Murree and Sardogha and others. The Division was under orders of Northern Army, which was renamed Northern Command in January 1918. Typical of all Indian Army formations, it contained a mixture of British and Indian units. Unlike British Divisions it contained a mixture of cavalry and infantry components. The Division carried our preparations for mobilisation in July 1918 and later fought in the Third Afghan War from May 1919.

Order of Battle

Please note that at present only the British units are shown on this page. The Indian units will be added in due course.

Divisional Headquarters

Sialkot Cavalry Brigade (2nd)

The brigade left for 1st Indian Cavalry Division in September 1914.

17th Lancers

19th Lancers

Abbottabad Brigade (3rd)

1st Durham Light Infantry (left for 1st (Peshawar) Division in August 1914)

1st Royal Sussex Regiment (attached during September 1915)

222 Machine Gun Company (joined from Rawalpindi Brigade in June 1918)

Rawalpindi Brigade (4th)

21st Lancers (left for 1st (Peshawar) Division in October 1914)

2nd North Staffordshire Regiment (left to join Bannu Brigade November 1914. Left for 16th Indian Division in August 1917)

1st Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) (arrived from Lahore September 1914. Moved to Sialkot Brigade February 1915 and returned in April 1917)

1st Yorkshire Regiment (joined from Kohat Brigade January 1915. Went to Murree May to November 1916. Left for 1st (Peshawar) Division in January 1918)

1/4th Hampshire Regiment (arrived from Poona Divisional Area January 1915 but soon left for Mesopotamia)

1/6th East Surrey Regiment (arrived from 8th (Lucknow) Division March 1915 but left next month for Murree)

1/5th Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) (went to 5th (Mhow) Division March 1917)

2/4th Border Regiment (joined from 1st (Peshawar) Division in March 1917. Left for Nowshera in December 1917. rejoined from 1st (Peshawar) Division October 1918)

1st Garrison Battalion, the Gordon Highlanders (arrived from home March 1917, left for Rawalpindi Additional Brigade June 1918)

1st Garrison Battalion, the Somerset Light Infantry (arrived from home May 1917. Left for Lahore September 1918)

1st  Durham Light Infantry (joined from 1st (Peshawar) Division in November 1917)

1st Royal Sussex Regiment (joined from 1st (Peshawar) Division in December 1917)

22 Motor Machine Gun Battery (joined April 1916)

222 Machine Gun Company (joined June 1917)

Jhelum Brigade (5th)

1/6th East Surrey Regiment (arrived from Murree October 1915)

1/9th Middlesex Regiment (joined from 8th (Lucknow) Division January 1916. Went to Nowshera for 1st (Peshawar) Division March 1916, then to Murree in April. Went to Galis Brigade June to November 1916 but then returned)

Sialkot Brigade (Temporary)

Brigade formed March 1915. The word “Temporary” was dropped from the title in April 1917.

15th Lancers (arrived from Mesopotamia April 1916. Left for Bushire October1918)

1st Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) (arrived from Rawalpindi Brigade February 1915. Detached to 1st (Peshawar) Division June-July 1915)

2nd Garrison Battalion, the Northumberland Fusiliers (arrived from home March 1916. Left for Poona Divisional Area March 1917)

1st Garrison Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment (arrived from Poona Divisional Area April 1917)

24th Rifle Brigade (arrived from Meerut Divisional Area April 1917)

Galis Brigade

Existed temporarily between June and December 1916

1/9th Middlesex Regiment (joined from Jhelum Brigade June to November 1916 but then returned)

Rawalpindi Additional Brigade

Brigade began to assemble June 1918 but was only formed in September 1918

1st Garrison Battalion, the Gordon Highlanders (arrived from Rawalpindi Brigade June 1918)

Unbrigaded infantry

1st Yorkshire Regiment (left for Delhi October 1914)

4th King’s Royal Rifle Corps (left for England October 1914 and eventually to 27th Division)

2nd Rifle Brigade (left for England and eventually 8th Division in October1914)

1/6th East Surrey Regiment (joined Jhelum Brigade October 1915)

Divisional artillery

“W” Battery (RHA) (left for 4th (Meerut) Cavalry Brigade February 1915)

VII Brigade (RFA)

68 Company (RGA) (left August 1914 and became 68 Heavy Battery)

94 Company (RGA)

104 Battery (RGA) (left for 12th Indian Division in Mesopotamia)

II Mountain Brigade (RGA) (1 and 9 Batteries)

6 Mountain Battery (RGA)


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