4th (Quetta) Division

History of the 4th (Quetta) Division

Headquartered in Quetta, the Division remained in the area throughout the war. It held posts at Chaman, Fort Sandeman, Jacobabad, Loralei, Manora, Hyderabad and others. The Division was under orders of Southern Army, which was renamed Southern Command in January 1918. Typical of all Indian Army formations, it contained a mixture of British and Indian units. The Division was partly mobilised on several occasions during the war.

Order of Battle

Please note that at present only the British units are shown on this page. The Indian units will be added in due course.

Divisional Headquarters

Mounted units, unbrigaded

10th Lancers(left for Mesopotamia September 1916)

16th Lancers joined October 1916)

1st Quetta Brigade

Renamed 10th Brigade July 1918

2nd Somerset Light Infantry (left for 1st (Peshawar) Division December 1917)

2/4th Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (joined from Karachi April 1915. Left for Lahore Divisional Area October 1915)

2nd King’s (Liverpool Regiment) (joined from 1st (Peshawar) Division December 1917)

2nd Quetta Brigade

Renamed 11th Brigade July 1918

1st South Lancashire Regiment

2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers (left for England September 1914 and eventually joined 27th Division)

2/4th Hampshire Regiment (arrived from England January 1915. Left April 1917 for Egypt and joined 75th Division)

1st Garrison Battalion, the Norfolk Regiment (arrived from Karachi April 1917)

Karachi Brigade

Brigade left the Division and became independent command June 1917.

1st Lancashire Fusiliers (moved to Aden Brigade September 1914)

2/4th Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (arrived from England January 1915. Left for 1st Quetta Brigade April 1915)

1st Garrison Battalion, the Norfolk Regiment (arrived from England December 1915. Left for 2nd Quetta Brigade April 1917)

2nd Garrison Battalion, the Bedfordshire Regiment (arrived from England May 1917)

3rd Quetta Brigade

Brigade formed April 1918 but renamed as 57th Brigade July 1918

1/4th Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)

Unbrigaded infantry

261 Machine Gun Company (MGC) (formed at Quetta June 1917. Left December 1917)

261 and 270 Machine Gun Company (MGC) (formed at Quetta December 1917)

Divisional artillery

XXI Brigade (RFA)

IV Mountain Brigade (RGA) (3 and 8 Mountain Batteries. 8 moved to Peshawar December 1914. 4 Mountain Battery joined in December 1916)

4 Mountain Battery (RGA) (at Quetta until joining IV Mountain Brigade (above))

72 Heavy Battery (RGA) (arrived at Quetta November 1914. Left November 1915)

60 Company (RGA) (at Quetta. Became 60 Heavy Battery Noember 1914)

101 Company (RGA) (at Quetta. Moved to Karachi March 1916)

69 Company (RGA)(at Karachi. Moved to Aden June 1916)

25 Mountain Battery (RGA) (arrived at Quetta November 1915. Left March 1918)

69 Company (RGA)(arrived at Karachi June 1916)

23 Mountain Battery (RGA) (arrived at Quetta March 1918)

33 Reserve Mountain Battery (RGA) (at Quetta June to August 1918)


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