7th (Meerut) Division

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Order of Battle

Divisional Headquarters

19th (Dehra Dun) Infantry Brigade

1st Welsh Regiment (left Karachi 20 November 1914 and joined 28th Division)

1st Seaforth Highlanders

2/2nd Gurkha Rifles (moved to Egypt in November 1915 and to Meerut Divisional Area February 1916)

1/9th Gurkha Rifles (left December 1915. Attached to Bareilly Bde January 1916 then to 3rd (Lahore) Division)

6th Jat Light Infantry (temporarily attached to Bareilly Bde January to April 1915; left for 31st Indian Brigade in Egypt in August 1915)

1/2nd Gurkha Rifles (joined September 1914)

2/9th Gurkha Rifles (joined September 1914)

1/4th Seaforth Highlanders (joined 18 December 1914; moved to 46th (North Midland) Division 6 November 1915)

93rd Infantry (left for 31st Indian Brigade in Egypt in September 1915, to 3rd (Lahore) Division in February 1916)

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20th (Garhwal) Infantry Brigade

2/3rd Gurkha Rifles

2/8th Gurkha Rifles (moved to Bareilly Bde September 1914, rejoined March 1915)

1/39th Garhwal Regiment

2/39th Garhwal Regiment (merged into 1/39th April 1915)

2nd Leicestershire Regiment (joined from Bareilly Bde September 1914)

1/3rd London Regiment (joined 10 Febraury 1915)

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21st (Bareilly) Infantry Brigade

2nd Leicestershire Regiment (moved to Garhwal Bde September 1914)

2/8th Gurkha Rifles (joined from Garhwal Bde September 1914, returned March 1915)

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Divisional artillery

XII Brigade Royal Horse Artillery (comprising V and W Batteries and Ammunition Column)
VII Mountain Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery  (comprising 21 and 21 Batteries, left for Egypt in 1914)
VI Brigade (comprising 77 (Howitzer) Battery, did not leave India with the division)
IX Brigade Royal Field Artillery (comprising 19, 20 and 28 Batteries and Ammunition Column)
XI Brigade Royal Field Artillery (comprising 83, 84 and 85 Batteries and Ammunition Column, left for 3rd (Lahore) Division October 1914)
V Brigade Royal Field Artillery (comprising 73, 81 and 84 Batteries and Ammunition Column, arrived October 1914 and left for 3rd (Lahore) Division same month)
IV Brigade Royal Field Artillery (comprising 7, 14 and 66 Batteries and Ammunition Column, arrived from 3rd (Lahore) Division 17 October 1914)
XIII Brigade Royal Field Artillery (comprising 2, 8 and 44 Batteries and Ammunition Column, arrived from 3rd (Lahore) Division 17 October 1914)
XLIII Brigade (comprising 30 (Howitzer) Battery, arrived 18 December 1914)
59 and 81 Companies Royal Garrison Artillery (became Siege Batteries and left the division in 1915)
73 Company Royal Garrison Artillery (left for 3rd (Lahore) Division October 1914)
74 Company Royal Garrison Artillery (did not leave India with the division)
91 Company Royal Garrison Artillery (left for Egypt in 1914)
110 Battery Royal Garrison Artillery (formed 25 August 1914, joined division October 1914, left 6 March 1915)
Divisional Heavy Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery (comprising 72, 77 and a section of 104 Batteries, formed in Mesopotamia 1916)
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Divisional Troops

2/1 and 5/1 Field Companies Sappers & Miners (left September 1914)
3/1 and 4/1 Field Companies Sappers & Miners
Meerut Divisional Train (Army Service Corps) (named 7th Divisional Train once in Mesopotamia)
Meerut Mobile Veterinary Section (Army Veterinary Corps) (named 2  Mobile Veterinary Sectiononce in Mesopotamia)
19 and 20 (British) and 128, 129 and 130 (Indian) Field Ambulances (Royal Army Medical Corps)
272 Machine Gun Company (Machine Gun Corps) (formed at Samarra 15 October 1917. Merged into 7 MG Battalion April 1918)
7 Machine Gun Battalion (formed April 1918)
In progress

Associated but not under divisional command

Divisional Supply Column (67 Mechanical Transport Company Army Service Corps)

Commanding Officers

Lieutenant-General C. A. Anderson
7 September 1915: Major-General C. W. Jacob
10 December 1915: Major-General  Sir G. J. Younghusband (taken ill 8 May 1916)
8 May 1916: Brigadier-General C. E. de M. Norie (temporary appointment)
25 June 1916: Major-General A. S. Cobbe
3 September 1916: Major-General V. B. Fane (for remainder of hostilities)



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