Locations of 44 Casualty Clearing Station

Extracted from war diaries and summarised by Great War Forum member TEW, with my thanks:

IWM image E AUS 4623. A ward of the 2nd Australian Casualty Clearing Station at Steenwerke, November 1917. The CCS was a large, semi-mobile and well-equipped facility.

IWM image E AUS 4623. A ward of the 2nd Australian Casualty Clearing Station at Steenwerke, November 1917. The CCS was a large, semi-mobile and well-equipped facility.

Diary WO95/345/1 

9/5/16            Arrived Le Havre.
11/5/16          Rouen.
16/5/16          Abbeville
17/5/16          Puchevillers
17/6/16          Puchevillers, Two nursing sisters arrived; A/Sister W.M. Gedye QAIMNS; Sister H.M. Connell QAIMNS.
17/5/16          PUCHEVILLERS. 44 CCS Opened
18/6/16          Puchevillers, Four nursing sisters arrived, 90 cases admitted.
A/Sister H. P. Crawford TFNS; S/Nurse Ethel Lilian Damon QAIMNS; S/Nurse B. R. Culwick QAIMNS; S/Nurse A.B. Brayshaw TFNS.
20/2/17          Puchevillers, receiving sick only.
11/3/17          Visited COLINCAMPS to find suitable site.
12/3/17          Commenced striking camp.
19/3/17          2pm. Handed over remaining patients to 2/1 South Midland CCS (61 CCS?)
19/3/17          9pm. Arrived COLINCAMPS.
25/3/17          COLINCAMPS. 10am. Officially opened by DMS.

Diary WO95/345/2

2/7/17            COLINCAMPS, commenced to strike camp.
4/7/17            COLINCAMPS, closed for patients. Remaining – 1 Officer, 223 ORs.
19/7/17          2.30am. Left COLINCAMPS siding.
19/7/17          2.30pm. Arrived BRANDHOEK siding.
26/7/17          Orders from DMS 5th army that 44CCS would be receiving from 2, 18 & 19 Corps for abdominal wounds, severe chest wounds,fractures of thigh only.
10/8/17          8.0am. Opened. First cases admitted by 8.30am.
21/8/17          Camp shelled, S/Nurse N. Spindler QAR killed & four sisters wounded. DMS ordered evacuation of patients & staff.
22/8/17          8pm. Moved to REMY SIDING.
30/8/17          Returned to BRANDHOEK & began to build sand bag shelters. Majority of unit detached to other CCSs.
1st Sept to 5th Sept diary missing.
6/9/17            BRANDHOEK. DMS suggested an operating centre at NINE ELMS (sheet 27. L.10.b.3.5) in addition to site at BRANDHOEK for walking cases. [possibly didn’t happen]
10/9/17          BRANDHOEK. Sister M. Wood QAIMNS granted Military Medal for courageous conduct on 21/8/17.
13/9/17          NINE ELMS. Personnel rejoined unit.
15/9/17          NINE ELMS. Unit opened at midday.
16/9/17          NINE ELMS. First patients admitted.
29/9/17          Striking camp at BRANDHOEK.
5/4/18            HQ moved to ARNEKE.
13/4/18          Unit opened at ARNEKE.
9/5/18            HQ moved to new site Sheet 19 O.20.b.central near BERQUES EXCHANGE.
No diary entries until 6/6/18, opened by that date.
6/6/18            BERQUES. Vicinity of unit bombed.
1/10/18          BERQUES. Visited new sites near YPRES. Striking camp commenced. DMS detailed site on sheet 28 H.5.a.9.9 near BRIELEN.
5/10/18          BRIELEN. Commenced pitching camp.
7/10/18          Moved to BRIELEN.
14/10/18       BRIELEN. Commenced taking in.
28/10/18       Ordered by DMS to report to DDMS 19 Corps to select new site.
29/10/18       Proceeded to COURTRAI to see proposed sites. Two buildings found suitable, sheet 29 H.32.c.1.2
31/10/18       BRIELEN. Commenced striking camp.
2/11/18          Arrived at new site, COURTRAI building occupied by other units.
7/11/18          COURTRAI. Opened for severely wounded.
13/11/18       Visited LEUZE, found two suitable sites.
15/11/18       Handed over to 62 CCS.
16/11/18       LEUZE.
19/11/18       LEUZE. Unit opened.
21/11/18       9am. Unit closed.
21/11/18       NIVELLES.
21/11/18       NAMUR
27/11/18       Opened main hospital at NAMUR, convent Notre Dame, Rue Lombard, advanced hospital at HUY, Ecole Athenee.
10/12/18       Left NAMUR.
10/12/18       Arrived DUREN.
11/12/18       Arrived COLOGNE. Kaiserin Augusta Schule.
11/12/18       COLOGNE. Inspected Maschinen Bauschule, 48 Ubier Ring, found to be more suitable.
16/12/18       Sister hospital located at 28 Stadtwald Gurtle.
31/10/19       COLOGNE. Cases in hospital = 248, admitted = 2.
End of diary


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