Cambridgeshire Regiment

All units formed by this regiment were of the Territorial Force.

The regimental badge as depicted on a CWGC grave headstone. Author’s collection.

1/1st Battalion
August 1914 : in Cambridge. Part of East Midland Brigade in East Anglian Division. Moved on mobilisation to Romford but soon on to Long Melford, then in September 1914 to Stowlangtoft and on to Bury St Edmunds in November.
15 February 1915 : left the Division and landed at Le Havre. Came under command of 82nd Brigade in 27th Division.
15 November 1915 : transferred to VII Corps Troops and then became a Training Bn for the 3rd Army School at Flixecourt.
29 February 1916 : transferred to 118th Brigade in 39th Division.
9 May 1918 : transferred to 35th Brigade in 12th Division and absorbed more than 400 men from 7th Suffolk Regiment.

2/1st Battalion
Formed at Cambridge in September 1914 as a second line battalion.
December 1914 : moved to Peterborough and came under orders of 207th Brigade in 69th Division.
February 1915 : moved to Bury St Edmunds and transferred to East Midland Brigade in East Anglian Division.
April 1915 : transferred back to 207th Brigade in 69th Division at Peterborough Moved on to Newmarket in June, then Harrogate in June 1916, Marton Hall (Middlesbrough) in October 1916, and Carburton in May 1917.
8 October 1917 : transferred to 200th Brigade in 67th Division at Canterbury.
March 1918 : disbanded.

3/1st Battalion
Formed at Cambridge in February 1915. Moved to Windsor in August, then Halton Park in October 1915.
8 April 1916 : became 1st Reserve Bn.
23 July 1917 : amalgamated with 4th Reserve Bn, the Suffolk Regiment, to form the Cambridge and Suffolk Reserve Bn. Moved to Crowborough in August 1917 and Hastings in August 1918.

4/1st Battalion
Formed by 2/1st Bn at Newmarket in November 1915. Moved to join 208th Brigade in 69th Division at Bury St Edmunds. Moved in June 1916 to Harrogate, then Doncaster in October, Thoresby in May 1917.
October 1917 : disbanded.



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