Irish Guards

Guards Depot
Caterham, Surrey. Shared with other Guards regiments.
Often known as “Little Sparta”.

The site of the depot as shown on an Odnance Survey map of 1914 (National Library of Scotland). The barracks no longer exists, although the chapel is still there and there are fragments of walls.

1st Battalion
August 1914 : in Aldershot. Part of 4th (Guards) Brigade, 2nd Division.
13 August 1914: landed at Le Havre.
20 August 1915 : transferred to 1st Guards Brigade, Guards Division.

2nd Battalion
18 July 1915: formed at Warley Barracks in Essex.
17 August 1915 : landed at le Havre and came under orders of 2nd Guards Brigade, Guards Division.
8 February 1918: transferred to 4th Guards Brigade, 31st Division.
20 May 1918 : transferred to GHQ Reserve.

3rd (Reserve) Battalion
Formed at Warley Barracks during August 1914 as the 2nd (Reserve) Bn. Redesignated as 3rd (Reserve) Bn in July 1915.




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