The British Yeomanry regiments of 1914-1918

This section of the Long, Long Trail will be helpful for anyone wishing to find out about the war history of the regiments of the British Yeomanry.

The Yeomanry was the mounted arm of the Territorial Force; a part-time version of the cavalry which was established in 1908 but drawing upon militia and volunteer units dating back many decades. You can trace the history and affiliations of every British Yeomanry unit on the Long, Long Trail.

The basis of the detail shown in the pages linked below is the excellent work in Brigadier E. A. James “British regiments 1914-1918” (Samson Books, 1978) with corrections and additions by Chris Baker. These are mainly derived from regimental war diaries and published regimental histories.


Click on the name of the regiment to see more about its history and composition.

Regiments by alphabet Regiments in army precedence order (seniority)
Ayrshire Royal Wiltshire
Bedfordshire Warwickshire
Berkshire Yorkshire Hussars
Buckinghamshire Nottinghamshire
Cheshire Staffordshire
Denbighshire Shropshire
Derbyshire Ayrshire
Royal 1st Devonshire Cheshire
Royal North Devon Yorkshire Dragoons
Dorset Leicestershire
Essex North Somerset
Fife and Forfar Duke of Lancaster’s Own
Glamorgan Lanarkshire
Glasgow Northumberland
Gloucestershire South Nottinghamshire Hussars
Hampshire Denbighshire
Hertfordshire Westmorland and Cumberland
Royal East Kent Pembroke
West Kent Royal East Kent
Lanarkshire Hampshire
Lancashire Hussars Buckinghamshire
Duke of Lancaster’s Own Derbyshire
Leicestershire Dorset
Lincolnshire Gloucestershire
City of London (Rough Riders) Hertfordshire
1st County of London (Middlesex Hussars) Berkshire
2nd County of London (Westminster Dragoons) 1st County of London (Middlesex Hussars)
3rd County of London (Sharpshooters) Royal 1st Devonshire
Lothians and Border Suffolk
1st Lovat Scouts Royal North Devon
2nd Lovat Scouts Worcestershire
Montgomeryshire West Kent
Norfolk West Somerset
Northamptonshire Oxfordshire
Northumberland Montgomeryshire
Nottinghamshire Lothians and Border
South Nottinghamshire Hussars Lanarkshire
Oxfordshire Lancashire Hussars
Pembroke Surrey
Scottish Horse Fife and Forfar
Shropshire Norfolk
North Somerset Sussex
West Somerset Glamorgan
Staffordshire Welsh Horse
Suffolk Lincolnshire
Surrey City of London (Rough Riders)
Sussex 2nd County of London (Westminster Dragoons)
Warwickshire 3rd County of London (Sharpshooters)
Welsh Horse Bedfordshire
Westmorland and Cumberland Essex
Royal Wiltshire Northamptonshire
Worcestershire East Riding of Yorkshire
Yorkshire Dragoons 1st Lovat Scouts
Yorkshire Hussars 2nd Lovat Scouts
East Riding of Yorkshire Scottish Horse


Reorganisation of Yeomanry at home, 1917