Hampshire Yeomanry (Carabiniers)


Regimental Headquarters and “B” Squadron at Hyde Close, Winchester; “A” Squadron at Portsmouth; “C” at Southampton; “D” at Bournemouth.


August 1914 : Under command of the 1st South Western Mounted Brigade.
Moved on mobilisation to Portsmouth defences.
By October had moved with brigade to Forest Row and then on to Eastbourne.
March 1916: was split up:
– RHQ and B Squadron joined 60th (2/2nd London) Division and landed at Le Havre 25 June 1916. A few days later RHQ joined IX Corps Cavalry and B Squadron joined XVII Corps Cavalry. Both rejoined regiment on 25 January 1917.
– A Squadron joined 58th (2/1st London) Division. Landed at Le Havre 20 January 1917 and rejoined regiment five days later.
– C Squadron joined 61st (2nd South Midland) Division and landed at Le Havre 25 May 1916; this Squadron also had a brief attachment in late May / early June 1916 to 1st Cavalry Division. Rejoined regiment 17 June 1916.
Regiment served as IX Corps Cavalry Regiment up to 25 July 1917.
25 August 191 : dismounted and went to be trained as infantry.
27 September 1917 : joined 15th Bn, the Hampshire Regiment.


Formed in October 1914 and remained in UK until May 1918 when moved to Ireland.
Converted into a cyclist unit in July 1916.


Formed as a Third-Line training unit in 1915.
Remained in United Kingdom until until absorbed by 4th Reserve Cavalry Regiment in early 1917.


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