Lanarkshire Yeomanry

Please note that this is s different regiment to the¬†Lanarkshire (Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow and Lower Ward of Lanarkshire) Yeomanry


Regimental headquarters and “B” Squadron in Lanark; “A” Squadron in Douglas; “C” in Coatbridge; “D” in Dumfries.

1/1st Lanarkshire Yeomanry

  • Formed in April 1908 for the Territorial Force, the regiment was under command of the Lowland Mounted Brigade.
  • On completing mobilisation it August 1914 it moved to Coupar.
  • Now dismounted the regiment sailed for Gallipoli in September 1915 and landed at Cape Helles on 11 October 1915. It now came under command of the 52nd (Lowland) Division.
  • After being evacuated from Gallipoli in late 1915 the regiment went via Mudros (a port on the island of Lemnos) to Egypt, arriving 7 February 1916. It now came under orders of the 1st Dismounted Brigade.
  • On 16 October 1916 the brigade was broken up and the regiment went to the 2nd Dismounted Brigade.
  • The regiment merged with the Ayrshire Yeomanry to form the 12th (Ayr and Lanark) Battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers on 4 January 1917. This new unit came under orders of 229th Infantry Brigade in 74th (Yeomanry) Division.
  • The regiment went to France with the rest of the Division in May 1918.
  • On 21 June 1918 the regiment was transferred to 94th Infantry Brigade of the 31st Division.

2/1st Lanarkshire Yeomanry

  • Formed in September 1914 as a “second line” (training, draft-supplying reserve) for the 1/1st. Came under orders of the 2/1st Lowland Mounted Brigade.
  • Brigade renamed as 20th Mounted Brigade and was by now at Dunbar.
  • In July 1916 the regiment was converted to become a cyclist unit and came under the 13th Cyclist Brigade.
  • The brigade was renamed as the 9th Cyclist Brigade in November 1916 and was still at Dunbar.
  • In May 1918 the brigade moved to Ireland and was based at Londonderry.

3/1st Lanarkshire Yeomanry

Formed in 1915 as a “third line” (training, draft-supplying reserve for the 1/1st and 2/1st) and was affiliated to a Reserve Regiment of Cavalry at Aldershot. Moved to Perth in June 1916. Early in 1917 the 3/1st was disbanded and the men posted to the 2/1st Lanarkshire Yeomanry and the 5th Reserve Battalion of the Scottish Rifles.


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