The Bedfordshire Yeomanry

The regiment, which traces a history back to 1794, was re-formed on the creation of the Territorial Force in April 1908.

Its headquarters and A Squadron were located in AShburnham Road in Bedford, B Squadron in Biggleswade (with a station at Shefford), C Squadron in Dunstable (with stations at Leighton Buzzard, Woburn and Ampthill), D Squadron in Godmanchester (Huntingdonshire) (with stations at Chatteris, Kimbolton, Ramsey, St Neots, Somersham and Sutton). The regiment was under command of the Eastern Mounted Brigade.

Regiment held its annual two week camp at Patcham near Brighton from 23 May 1914. It was one of few units of the Territorial Force to be manned over its planned establishment.

1/1st Bedfordshire Yeomanry

5 August 1914 : began to mobilise at HQ and at Elstow. B Squadron was broken up and the men allocated to the other squadrons.
11 August 1914 : moved by train to Swindon.
By 27 August 1914 : had moved again by train to Bletchley and marched out to Winslow in Buckinghamshire. From there a series of daily marches brought the regiment through Edlesborough, Codicote, Luton, Hertford, Epping Forest, South Weald and to finally reach Hatfield Peveril.
11 September 1914 : newspapers reported that the regiment had by 9 September volunteered for overseas service and that a reserve was to be raised.
14 October 1914 : inspected by HM King George V at Hylands Park, Wideford near Chelmsford.
Moved to Stansted. Left for Southampton by train 9 June 1915.
10 June 1915 : landed at Le Havre in France and two days later came under orders of 9th Cavalry Brigade in 1st Cavalry Division.
March 1918 : left brigade to become a cyclist unit and form a machine gun battalion with the Essex Yeomanry, but this did not take place. Remounted and returned briefly to 1st Cavalry Division. Split up, one squadron going to each of the 8th, 15th and 19th Hussars, in April 1918.


Formed as a reserve (Second-Line) regiment in September 1914 and remained at home throughout the war.
October 1915 : came under orders of 61st (South Midland) Division. Left Division February 1916 (before it went to France).
June 1916 : transferred to 16th Mounted Brigade in 4th Mounted Division. For a period late 1916-March 1917, the Squadrons were split up and attached to other units (A to 57th Division; B to 66th; C to 68th).
March 1917 : attached to 1st Mounted Division (C Squadron attached to 71st Division).
July 1917 : absorbed into 1st Reserve Cavalry Regiment.


Formed as a Third-Line training unit in 1915.
Remained in United Kingdom until July 1917, when absorbed into 1st Reserve Cavalry Regiment.


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