Royal Engineers Signal Companies of the Territorial Force (Army Troops)


In addition to providing a Signal Company for each of the 14 original Divisions of the Territorial Force, the Royal Engineers also manned fifteen other units. They were formed in 1908 and came under orders of the geographical Army Commands across Great Britain, as indicated below. No such units were formed for the Irish Command, as no Territorial Force was raised there. Such units, not being under command of a Division, were technically known as Army Troops.


London District: based at Palmer Street, Westminster

London Wireless Signal Company

London Cable Signal Company

London Airline Signal Company

Scottish Command: based at 21 Jardine Street, Glasgow

Scottish Wireless Signal Company

Scottish Cable Signal Company

Scottish Airline Signal Company

Northern Command: based at Leeds

Northern Wireless Signal Company (landed in France 26 October 1914)

Northern Cable Signal Company

Northern Airline Signal Company

Western Command: based at 38 Mason Street, Edge Hill, Liverpool

Western Wireless Signal Company

Western Cable Signal Company (landed in France 26 October 1914)

Western Airline Signal Company (landed in France 26 October 1914)

Southern Command: based at Great Brook Street, Birmingham

Southern Wireless Signal Company

Southern Cable Signal Company

Southern Airline Signal Company


Territorial Force

The Corps of Royal Engineers