CXVIII (Howitzer) Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery

This unit was formed at Woolwich on 16 February 1915. It is also sometimes shown as 118 Brigade RFA.


  • This brigade was originally comprised of numbers 458 and 459 (Howitzer) Batteries RFA and the Brigade Ammunition Column.
  • It landed at Le Havre in France on 11 March 1915 and came under command of 1st Canadian Division on 14 March.
    • On 12 August 1915 the brigade was joined by A (Howitzer) Battery from 81 Brigade RFA. On 29 September 1915 this battery was renumbered as 460 but on 16 December 1915 it became 461.
    • The batteries were lettered as A, B and C in late 1915.
  • The brigade left 1st Canadian Division on 10 July 1915 and five days later joined the 11th (Northern) Division which had just arrived in France from Egypt.
  • On joining the division, this brigade was broken up, with each battery going to one of the other brigades of the division (A (previously 458) went to 58 Brigade; B (459) to 59; and C (461) to 60).


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