CXXVIII (Howitzer) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

  • The brigade was formed at the Woolwich depot on 6 July 1915 and came under command of 8th Divisional artillery in France on 5 August.
    • 55 (Howitzer) Battery joined from 37 Brigade (4th Division) and 57 (Howitzer) Battery joined from 42 Brigade (1st Division)
    • D (Howitzer) Battery was formed on 8 May 1916 from a section from each of the two batteries. (It was broken up on 13 January 1917 and the sections returned to their original batteries).
    • On 18 May 1916, 55 moved to 32 Brigade, 57 went to 45 Brigade, and D moved to V Brigade of the Royal Horse Artillery. At this point, the brigade ceased to exist.


The Batteries and Brigades of the Royal Field Artillery

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