V Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery

This was a unit of Britain’s pre-war regular army. It is also sometimes shown as 5 Brigade RFA.


  • Comprising numbers 64, 73 and 81 Batteries, this brigade came under command of the 7th (Meerut) Division of the Indian Army. It moved to the 3rd (Lahore) Division on 22 November 1914.
  • When the Division left France, the brigade remained and eventually came under command of the 3rd Canadian Division (between 20 March and 13 July 1916) before going to the 4th Canadian Division in September 1916, with which it served until July 1917
  • At that point it became an Army Brigade and served with the following: Second Army in October 1917, Third Army in December 1917, First Army in February 1918, Fifth Army in July 1918 and finally returned to Fourth Army in October 1918


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