XVIII Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery

This was a unit of Britain’s pre-war regular army. It is also sometimes shown as 18 Brigade RFA.


  • Comprising 53, 93 and 94 Batteries, this brigade was under command of 3rd (Lahore) Division. It served with the division in France but remained there when the division was moved to Mesopotamia in late 1915.
  • Joined 3rd Canadian Division between 20 March and 13 July 1916.
  • Moved to 4th Canadian Division and served with it until August 1917, although technically in February 1917 it became an Army Brigade.
    • The former B (Howitzer) Battery of 131 Brigade RFA joined in late January 1917 and was renamed as D Battery.
  • On leaving the Canadians in August 1917 the brigade moved to Flanders for operations in the Third Battle of Ypres, under command of Fifth Army.


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