XXVII Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery

This was a unit of Britain’s pre-war regular army. It is also sometimes shown as 27 Brigade RFA.


  • Comprising 119, 120 and 121 Batteries and an Ammunition Column, this brigade was under command of 5th Division.
  • The brigade was located at Newbridge (Kildare, Ireland) at the declaration of war.
  • It moved to Phoenix Park (Dublin, Ireland) on 15 August 1914 and embarked onto the ships SS Bellerophon, Chinese Prince and Courtfield
  • The brigade landed at Le Havre in France on 18 August 1914.
    • 37 (Howitzer) Battery, less one section, joined from 8 (Howitzer) Brigade also of 5th Division on 21 May 1916.
    • On 21 January 1917 37 (Howitzer) Battery was brought up to full strength by the arrival of a section from “C” (Howitzer) Battery from 15 Brigade RFA which was also part of 5th Division but being broken up.


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