XXXI Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery

This was a unit of Britain’s pre-war regular army. It is also sometimes shown as 31 Brigade RFA.


  • This brigade was at Sheffield when war was declared and at that time comprised numbers 131, 132 and 133 Batteries RFA.
  • The batteries left and were placed under orders of 27th Division and XXXI was then reorganised at Winchester on 22-23 December 1914. It was now joined by 69, 100 and 103 Batteries, which came from 1, 20 and 21 Brigades respectively. The brigade was placed under orders of 28th Division and remaind in that formation throughout the rest of the war.
    • On 17 February 1915 118 Battery joined from 26 Brigade.
    • On 25 July 1916 118 Battery moved to 130 Brigade, also in 28th Division, changing places with 130 Brigade’s ‘A’ (Howitzer) Battery, which was now renamed as ‘D’ (Howitzer) Battery of 31 Brigade.
    • 103 Battery was broken up on 25 December 1916 with half going to 69 Battery and half to 100 Battery.


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