XXXVII Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery

This unit was formed in Egypt in September 1917. It is not the same unit as 37 (Howitzer) Brigade RFA.


  • This brigade was formed at Kantara in Egypt on 2 September 1917, comprising the former headquarters of 144 Brigade RFA and “A” and “B”” Batteries (also known as 389 and 390 Batteries) from 177 Brigade RFA.
  • It was placed under orders of 75th Division at Deir-el-Belah on 4 September 1917.
  • 405 (Howitzer) Battery arrived from England on 9 October 1917 and was renamed as “C” Battery.
  • During October 1917 the letters were dropped and the batteries once again known by their original number titles.


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