XXXVII (Howitzer) Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery

This was a unit of Britain’s pre-war regular army. It is also sometimes shown as 37 Brigade RFA.


  • This brigade was originally comprised of numbers 31, 35 and 55 (Howitzer) Batteries RFA. It was placed under command of the 4th Division and went to France with it in August 1914.
    • 55 (Howitzer) Battery was attached to 7th Division between 28 November 1914 and 3 March 1915.
  • It was transferred to IV Corps on 17 February 1915.
    • 55 (Howitzer) Battery left for 8th Division on 10 May 1915.
  • The brigade came under command of 7th Division on 24 June 1915.
  • It was broken up on 17 May 1916, with 31 (H) Battery less one section going to 35 Brigade RFA and 35 (H) Battery less a section going to 22 Brigade RFA. The two spare sections formed a new “D” Battery of 14 Brigade RHA.


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