Articles by LLTchris

Six short reviews

There has been such a deluge of new Great War related work published recently that I simply do not have the time to write a full-scale review of all that I have been sent. My…

Review of “The Flag”

The flag: the story of Revd David Railton MC and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior by Andrew Richards published by Casemate, 2017 ISBN 978 1 6100 447 1 Content: 250 pages plus appendix, end…

Review of “Passchendaele: 103 days in Hell”

Passchendaele: 103 days in Hell By Alexandra Churchill with Andrew Holmes and Jonathan Dyer Published by Helion & Company, 2017 ISBN 978 1 911512 30 1 Hardback, 193 pages plus sources and index. Illustrated throughout….

Review of “Captured Germans”

Captured Germans: British POW camps in the First World War by the late Norman Nicol published by Pen & Sword Military, 2017 ISBN (hardback) 978 1 78346 348 0 Hardback, 360 pages, illustrated, no index…

Review of “Understanding the Ypres Salient”

Understanding the Ypres Salient: an illuminating battlefield guide by Thomas Scotland and Steven Heys Published by Helion & Company, 2017 ISBN 978 1 911512 50 9 Paperback. 282 pages plus appendix, bibliography and index. Illustrated….

Review of “An Army of Brigadiers”

An Army of Brigadiers: British brigade commanders at the Battle of Arras 1917 by Trevor Harvey Published by Helion & Company, 2017 ISBN (hardback) 978 1 911512 00 4 Hardback 332 pages plus appendices (list…

Tragic incident at Crouy, 1 July 1918

This page records the events of a dreadful incident that occurred on 1 July 1918, many miles behind the trenches of the Western Front. It involves the 7th Cavalry Brigade. The case is also noteworthy…

Review of “Britain’s quest for oil”

Britain’s quest for oil: the First World War and the Peace Conferences by Martin Gibson published by Helion & Company, 2017 in the Wolverhampton Military Studies series ISBN (hardback) 978 1 911512 07 3 Hardback….