Timeline of June 1915

Newsreel item on CLVI Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery, making its farewell march through Camberwell, London, in June 1915. From the film collection at the Imperial War Museum, with my thanks.

June 1915

2British government anounces a blockade of the coast of Asia Minor
3The 6th (Poona) Division captures Amara in Mesopotamia
3First Allied conference on economic war meets in Paris
3San Marino declares war on Austria-Hungary
4British forces makes third attempt to capture Krithia at Gallipoli
5First Franco-British ministerial conference on co-ordination of Allied strategy
7German airship LZ37 is destroyed in the air near Ghent in Belgium by Lt Warneford of the Royal Naval Air Service: the first shooting down of an airship by an aeroplane
7First meeting of the British Dardanelles Committee
7The attempted Allied advance on Yaunde in the Cameroons is abandoned
9Italian forces capture Monfalcone in the Izonzo area
10Allied force captures Garua in the Cameroons
19South African forces begin advance on Otavifontein
26Montenegrin forces capture San Giovanni di Medua in Albania
27British and Indian force begins to advance upriver on the Euphrates in Mesopotamia
28Allied force captures Naugundere in the Cameroons
28British force begins attack in Gully Ravine area at Gallipoli
29Italian forces launch offensive in River Isonzo area


May 1915

July 1915

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