Six short reviews

There has been such a deluge of new Great War related work published recently that I simply do not have the time to write a full-scale review of all that I have been sent. My…

Review of “The Flag”

The flag: the story of Revd David Railton MC and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior by Andrew Richards published by Casemate, 2017 ISBN 978 1 6100 447 1 Content: 250 pages plus appendix, end…

Review of “Passchendaele: 103 days in Hell”

Passchendaele: 103 days in Hell By Alexandra Churchill with Andrew Holmes and Jonathan Dyer Published by Helion & Company, 2017 ISBN 978 1 911512 30 1 Hardback, 193 pages plus sources and index. Illustrated throughout….

Review of “Captured Germans”

Captured Germans: British POW camps in the First World War by the late Norman Nicol published by Pen & Sword Military, 2017 ISBN (hardback) 978 1 78346 348 0 Hardback, 360 pages, illustrated, no index…

Review of “Understanding the Ypres Salient”

Understanding the Ypres Salient: an illuminating battlefield guide by Thomas Scotland and Steven Heys Published by Helion & Company, 2017 ISBN 978 1 911512 50 9 Paperback. 282 pages plus appendix, bibliography and index. Illustrated….

Review of “An Army of Brigadiers”

An Army of Brigadiers: British brigade commanders at the Battle of Arras 1917 by Trevor Harvey Published by Helion & Company, 2017 ISBN (hardback) 978 1 911512 00 4 Hardback 332 pages plus appendices (list…

Review of “Britain’s quest for oil”

Britain’s quest for oil: the First World War and the Peace Conferences by Martin Gibson published by Helion & Company, 2017 in the Wolverhampton Military Studies series ISBN (hardback) 978 1 911512 07 3 Hardback….