Review of “Postcards of the Army Service Corps”

Postcards of the Army Service Corps 1902-1918: coming of age
by Michael Young
published by Pen & Sword Military 2016
ISBN 978 1 47387 813 6
Hardback, 265pp plus index, profusely illustrated
Cover price £30
Reviewed by Chris Baker

The name of Michael Young and the Army Service Corps are closely linked. He is the author of a very valuable and sought-after work of reference on this unsung part of the British Army of the Great War, “Army Service Corps 1902 – 1918”, and at various times has been an officer of the descendant of the Corps, the curator of its museum and editor of its journal.

His latest work is simply fantastic stuff. A collection of some 540 postcards, in the main photographic images of soldiers of the ASC, their vehicles and equipment. The quality of reproduction is superb and for any student of the army of this period it really is a must. The book includes good captions, a chapter of deeper explanation and a useful index. Field bakeries and butcheries, vehicle repair workshops, transport both horse and mechanical: they are all here and in wonderful detail.

Produced to a somewhat better material quality than most of Pen & Sword’s output, “Postcards” is a snip at the cover price.



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