British army war pay, 1917

The introduction of War Pay

  • Army Order 1 (1918) stated that of 29 September 1917 and for the remaining period of the war, the sum of one penny per day War Pay would be paid in respect of each complete year of the man’s service with the colours that had been rendered since the commencement of the war.
  • This was in addition to the man’s normal service pay.
  • By definition periods in reserve service did not count.
  • Any period of penal servitude or of imprisonment or detention of more than 28 days, and any period of continuous absence without leave exceeding 28 days, would not count towards the colour service accumulated.
  • War Pay did not apply to the men of the Non-Combatant Corps.
  • War Pay was not payable in arrears (that is, it began from 29 September 1917 and no pay was to be paid for prior periods).


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