Transfers to Military Convalescent Hospitals

Imperial War Museum image Q54517. Wounded and convalescent soldiers cheering heartily as Queen Mary passing by.

Army Council Instruction 775 of 1916 stated that “in future sick and wounded British troops who have been transferred from an Expeditionary Force and who, in the opinion of the Officer in charge of the central hospital, are likely to become fit to return to an Expeditionary Force within a maximum of six weeks and are, at the time of the transfer, fit to be up and about, will be transferred to military convalescent hospitals as follows:-

From hospitals in theto the
Eastern and Aldershot CommandsMilitary Convalescent Hospital, Summerdown Camp, Eastbourne
London DistrictOrchard Military Convalescent Hospital, Dartford, Kent
Southern CommandMilitary Convalescent Hospital, Woodcote Park, Epsom
Western Command, and men whose homes are in Lancashire or who belong to Lancashire regiments from any CommandLancashire Military Convalescent Hospital, Clifton Park, Blackpool
Irish Command, and men whose homes are in Ireland or who belong to Irish regiments from any CommandMilitary Convalescent Hospital, Holywood, Belfast
Northern and Scottish Commands, and men whose homes are in Scotland or who belong to Scottish regiments from any CommandMilitary Convalescent Hospital, Alnwick, Northumberland

When accommodation is not available in the military convalescent hospital allotted to a particular command, cases will be transferred to the nearest military convalescent hospital in which accommodation is available.”


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