National rolls of honour

Incomplete and often inaccurate but can add useful details if you are lucky.

National Roll of Honour and De Ruvigny’s Roll

Two privately-produced rolls listing men who served, which between them list thousands of men (most with a few lines of biography and in De Ruvigny’s many with photographs) but which merely scratch the surface in terms of proportion of men who were included.

  • Details of how the two were compiled are meagre but it appears both were by subscription (that is, the man or his family paid for an entry).
  • The National Roll is solidly an “other ranks” publication, de Ruvigny’s mainly officers. The National Roll in particular is not wholly reliable as a source of military information, but it does give a background and importantly it has an address for the soldier. It went out of business after covering perhaps 10% of the country.
  • The National Roll is now available as a searchable database at Ancestry or in printed form from The Naval & Military Press.
  • The early volumes of De Ruvigny’s roll can be downloaded as whole volumes from

The Bond of Sacrifice

A privately-produced roll listing officers who lost their lives in the first years of the war.

  • Can be downloaded as a complete volume (free) from