Records of military deaths, burials and commemorations

If the soldier you are seeking lost his life in the war there are plenty of resources to help track him down, and between them they may give you a good deal of information that will help in finding more information.

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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

See full details of how to search for these records and what they are likely to include at this page.

Assumed deaths

The deaths of many soldiers could only be assumed: see why at this page.

Official registration of death

See full details of the registration records at this page.

Official casualty lists

See full details of the lists and how to find them at this page.

Soldier’s wills

See full details of wills and how to find them at this page.

Soldier’s effects

See details of the way that a man’s effects were dealt with at this page.

“Soldiers Died in the Great War”

See details of this useful publication at this page.

Obtaining a photograph of a war grave

See advice on how this can be done at this page.

Articles on this site

You might find my articles on what happened to a soldier who died and interpreting a cemetery useful in understanding how your soldier came to be buried or commemorated where he is.