The Mobile Veterinary Section (MVS)


A unit of the Army Veterinary Corps, the Mobile Veterinary Section came under command of the Headquarters of the formation known as a Division. It was in effect a first aid unit, providing medical care for sick, wounded or injured horses used by the units of the Division. If a horse required greater care that could not be provided by the MVS, the animal would be sent to a Base Veterinary Hospital and its place taken by a horse delivered from ASC Remounts.


Defined by War Office Instruction 238 (1914)

Veterinary Officers 1
Staff-Sergeants and Sergeants 2
Corporals 1
Shoeing Smith 1
Privates 16
Horse-Leaders To be obtained locally as required for dealing with droves of horses
Batmen (attached) 2
Drivers (attached from ASC) 1
Horses for use by MVS
Riding 13
Draught 2
Cart 1