I am very pleased to welcome you to the Long, Long Trail, my site dedicated to helping you discover the British army and its soldiers of the First World War. Dig in! Chris Baker

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Research a soldier

Find out how to research a soldier’s story. Understand their life in the army. Find out where they went and how they fought.

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Research the army

Histories of regiments, units and formations; regulations and how the army worked; technicalities explained.

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Research the battles

Which battles and engagements did the British army fight? Find out what and when, who took part and what happened.

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Visit the battlefields

Where were the battlefields of the Great War? What are they like today? What is the best way of visiting them?

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My services

“Old soldiers never die, they only fade away”. Don’t let your military ancestor fade away.

If you believe you would benefit from professional, effective and affordable help with researching a soldier of the British Army of the period of the First World War, I would be delighted to help. See me at fourteeneighteen|research