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The Household Battalion

This unusual unit was formed as an infantry battalion at Knightsbridge Barracks in London on 1 September 1916. The troops were drawn from the reserve units of the Household Cavalry (the 1st and 2nd Life…

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The Household Cavalry Composite Regiment

Formed in August 1914 with each of the Household Cavalry regiments (1st and 2nd Life Guards and Royal Horse Guards) providing one Squadron and placed under orders of 4th Cavalry Brigade in the Cavalry Division….

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The Hussars (Regiments of Cavalry of the Line)

3rd (King’s Own) Hussars August 1914 : at Shorncliffe, part of 4th Cavalry Brigade in Cavalry Division. 17 August 1914 : landed at Rouen. 16 September 1914 : Cavalry Division renamed as 1st Cavalry Division….

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Breaking the fortress line 1914

Breaking the fortress line 1914 by Clayton Donnell published by Pen & Sword Military, October 2013 ISBN 978 1 84884 813 9 cover price – £19.99 Hardback, 214pp. Illustrated, notes, bibliography, index. reviewed by Chris…

The Battles of the Hindenburg Line

12 September – 12 October 1918, the Battles of the Hindenburg Line. A series of very large scale offensive operations that advance to and break the Hindenburg Line system. Carried out by the First, Third…

Pursuit of the German retreat to the Hindenburg Line

14 March – 5 April 1917: German retreat to the Hindenburg Line. During Somme fighting the Germans constructed a formidable new defensive system some miles in their rear. From February 1917 they began to withdraw…

The front line village of Fauquissart

Details of Fauquissart and its place in the history of the Great War has now been added to the Long, Long Trail’s gazetteer of the Western Front: Fauquissart