The Army Service Corps Remounts Service

The ASC Remounts Service was responsible for the provisioning of horses and mules to all other army units. It was not a large part of the ASC, despite the huge numbers of animals produced, amounting in 1914 to only four Remount Squadrons that ran four Remount Depots (Woolwich, Dublin, Melton Mowbray and Arborfield). A Remount […]

The Army Service Corps in the First World War

This section of the Long, Long Trail will be helpful for anyone wishing to find out about the history of the units of the Army Service Corps. Note that the ASC is the same as the RASC: it received the Royal prefix in late 1918. The officers and men of the ASC – sometimes referred […]

Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Companies

The British Army was the most mechanised of all in the Great War when it came to using motor vehicles for transport. A large total of ASC Mechanical Transport Companies eventually existed, in the following categories. Please note that the list is as yet incomplete, with more units to be added. The ASC MT Depot […]

Army Service Corps Horse Transport Companies

Although the British Army was the most mechanised of all in the Great War, it still relied largely on horse power for the transportation of supplies, guns, ammunition and men.The ASC Horse Transport Companies were of different types, in the following categories (click on title to go to table listing all units of that type): […]

The Divisional Supply Column of the Army Service Corps (Mechanical Transport)

Composition Standard establishment defined in August 1915: 5 Officers 8 Warrant Officers and Sergeants 24 Artificers 305 other ranks (of which 1 was an interpreter provided by French authorities and 3 were attached from the army postal service) 63 other ranks detached for transport work with other units Of the 301 British other ranks of […]

The Ammunition Sub Park of the Army Service Corps (Mechanical Transport)

“Ammunition Sub Park” was a functional secondary title for certain Mechanical Transport Companies of the ASC. It was in essence a fleet of lorries and a workshop for maintaining them. A Sub Park was under command of the Lines of Communication but usually attached for operational purposes to a Division and acted as part of […]

Review of “Postcards of the Army Service Corps”

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Postcards of the Army Service Corps 1902-1918: coming of age by Michael Young published by Pen & Sword Military 2016 ISBN 978 1 47387 813 6 Hardback, 265pp plus index, profusely illustrated Cover price £30 Reviewed by Chris Baker The name of Michael Young and the Army Service Corps are closely linked. He is the […]

Field Bakeries of the Army Service Corps

The Field Bakery was a unit of the Supply department of the Army Service Corps. This page is a continuing work in progress but the information shown is accurate, if incomplete. “Expeditionary Force Tables” of 1914 show that one Field Bakery was allotted to each of the Divisions that would form part of a British […]

The Territorial Army Service Corps Divisional Transport and Supply Columns

When the new Territorial Force came into existence in April 1908 it was organised into fourteen Divisions. Each included a Transport and Supply Column which was a mounted unit of the Army Service Corps. The column was made up of a headquarters company and three other companies, one supporting each of the Infantry Brigades within […]