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The Siege Batteries of the Royal Garrison Artillery

An unidentified British soldier standing with a 9.2 inch howitzer Mk I, named Berdameda, which was supporting the Australians on the Somme. The camouflaged box in front of the gun is known as a dirt…

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The Heavy Batteries of the Royal Garrison Artillery

A Heavy Battery of the RGA tows its 60-pounder guns along the roads of Northern France. The role of the Heavy Battery Heavy Batteries RGA were equipped with heavy guns, sending large calibre high explosive…

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What was a Siege Battery of the Royal Garrison Artillery?

This article describes the composition and structure of a battery equipped with four 6-inch Howitzers, as defined in the army’s “Field Service Pocket Book”, 1914 version. At this period of the war, the Siege Batteries…