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New British Army numbers issued in 1920 renumbering

Most men serving in the army got new numbers in 1920 and a great deal can be determined about their service from these numbers. This page should help you understand what it all means. Tip:…

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How to research a soldier

A soldier’s military service was recorded in fine detail. From his enlistment, through training and active service to death or discharge, many different official documents were produced and the man mentioned in many other ways….

How to find a soldier’s number

Millions of men served in the army. You need to do everything you can to make sure that you can spot your man from among others. Certainly you can begin to look for his military…

Was your soldier paid a bounty?

If you have been lucky enough to obtain a copy of a soldier’s service record it may include details of payment of a bounty. What was it all about? Army Order 86 of 1916, published…

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A soldier’s life 1914-1918

This section of the Long, Long Trail will be helpful for anyone wishing to understand the life of soldiers who served with the British Army of WW1. What was life as a Tommy really like?…

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FAQ: how can I find a photograph of my soldier?

Many of us would like to find a photograph of a particular soldier. It is one of the most difficult things to do, so set out in hope but be prepared to be disappointed. These…

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What happened to a soldier who died?

Almost a million British soldiers died in the Great War. Some died alone, killed by a chance shell, grenade or bullet; many died together as they attacked or defended against attack. Thousands of men died…

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How to find a soldier’s service record

Background Every soldier had a service record, although only some 30% or so now exist. A service record consisted of a number of different army forms used to record information about a soldier during his military career….