The Company of the Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)

What was a Company of the Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)?

This was the basic tactical unit of the MGC from when it was first formed. In France, the companies were merged into MGC Battalions in early 1918.

Imperial War Museum photograph Q2864. A British Vickers machine gun crew in action during the Battle of Menin Road Ridge,, Ypres, 21 September 1917.

Composition and structure

1 Major or Captain in command
1 Captain or Lieutenant as second in command and acting as adjutant
1 Company Sergeant Major
1 Company Quartermaster Sergeant
1 Transport Sergeant
1 Artificer
1 Shoeing Smith
28 Rank & File (4 Signallers, 16 Privates, 3 Drivers, 1 Storeman, 2 Cooks, 2 Officers’ servants)
2 Rank & File attached from the Royal Army Medical Corps
1 Rank & File driver attached from Army Service Corps
Four Sections, each of:
2 Subalterns (Lieutenant or Second Lieutenants)
2 Staff Sergeants or Sergeants
25 Rank & File (2 Corporals, 16 Privates, 5 Drivers, 2 Batmen)

Company transport

3 Riding Horses, 5 Draught Horses, 4 Bicycles, 1 Cooks Cart, 1 Water Cart
Sections, total
8 Riding Horses, 40 Draught Horses
8 Wagons (for machine guns & 7000 rounds of ammunition each)
4 GS Wagons (for 18,000 rounds of ammunition each)

Company armament
4 Machine Guns per Section
Each man of the Rank & File, except those attached, was equipped with the SMLE rifle

The above structure is as officially defined in September 1916.



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