Field Bakeries of the Army Service Corps

The Field Bakery was a unit of the Supply department of the Army Service Corps.

This page is a continuing work in progress but the information shown is accurate, if incomplete.

Imperial War Museum photograph Q4786. Military bakers at the Bakery. Calais, March 1917.

The composition of a Field Bakery

1 officer Quartermaster

1 Warrant Officer

2 Staff Quartermaster-Sergeants

4 Staff Sergeants

6 Sergeants

12 Corporals

66 Privates

1 Private to act as officers batman

The Field Bakery, with a total personnal of 93 as described above, was divisible into six Bakery Sections of ten ovens each, and capable of making bread to support 26,000 men.

“Expeditionary Force Tables” of 1914 show that one Field Bakery was allotted to each of the Divisions that would form part of a British Expeditionary Force that would go overseas in the event of war. The demands of war forced an enormous expansion of the industry which provided bread, a staple of the rations of each soldier. Bakeries were established at the principal base depots and near the concentrations of training camps at home.

Field Bakeries and their locations

2 Field Bakery
Le Havre. Disbanded 13 November 1919

3 Field Bakery
Le Havre. Went to Germany as part of the Army of Ocupation on the Rhine in 1919

4 Field Bakery
Le Havre. Went to Germany as part of the Army of Ocupation on the Rhine in 1919

5 Field Bakery
Le Havre. Disbanded 27 October 1919

6 Field Bakery
Rouen. Went to Germany as part of the Army of Ocupation on the Rhine in 1919

7 Field Bakery
Rouen. Disbanded December 1919

8 Field Bakery
Dieppe. Disbanded 16 November 1919

9 Field Bakery
“C” Section reported at Rouen in December 1914.
Disbanded 13 November 1919

10 Field Bakery
Left Le Havre 10 May 1915. Mesopotamia.

11 Field Bakery
Boulogne. Disbanded 27 April 1919

12 Field Bakery
Landed at Le Havre 30 May 1915 from ship “Archimedes”. Boulogne.

13 Field Bakery

14 Field Bakery
Landed at Le Havre 19 May 1915. Calais.

15 Field Bakery
Landed at Le Havre 8 July 1915, next day. Calais. Newspapers of 4 April 1919 reported that there were about 90 men, ages ranging 40 to 50, still employed at this bakery and about 100 who had been serving from before 1916. No move had yet been made to demobilise these men, in spite of repeated applications.

16 Field Bakery
Calais. Disbanded 14 May 1919

17 Field Bakery
Landed at Le Havre 13 July 1915, left for Calais next day. Dieppe.

18 Field Bakery
Landed at Le Havre 25 July 1915 ande departed next day. Egypt.

19 Field Bakery
Landed at Le Havre 17 July 1915, left for Boulogne next day. Egypt (see 71, below).

20 Field Bakery
Landed at Le Havre 21 July 1915, left for Boulogne next day. Salonika. Disbanded 1919.

21 Field Bakery

22 Field Bakery

23 Field Bakery
No details

24 Field Bakery

25 Field Bakery

26 Field Bakery

27 Field Bakery

37 Field Bakery
Landed at Le Havre 29 July 1915. Left for Calais next day.

71 Field Bakery
Zagazig Camp, Egypt. Formed 29 December 1915 and later absorbed into 19 Field Bakery.

1 Australian Field Bakery

2 and 3 Australian Field Bakeries

4 and 5 Australian Field Bakeries

1, 2, 3 and 4 Canadian Field Bakeries

1 New Zealand Field Bakery

Records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission include men shown to be serving with bakeries numbered above 27. I am investigating them and will add details here as I find them.

Bakery Sections

From the “Daily Record” of 27 September 1917

3 Bakery Section

9 Bakery Section

10 Bakery Section
New Milton. Disbanded 30 March 1919.

13 Bakery Section

22, 23 and 25 Bakery Sections

39, 40, 41 and 42 Bakery Sections

44 and 45 Bakery Sections
Scotton Camp, Catterick.

46 and 47 Bakery Sections
Hipswell Camp, Catterick.

48 Bakery Section
Scotton Camp, Catterick.

50 and 51 Bakery Sections
Halton Park.

52 Bakery Section

53 Bakery Section

55 Bakery Section

57 Bakery Section

59 Bakery Section*
*The source gives this as a Field Bakery and disbanded.

59 Bakery Section
St. Albans.

62 Bakery Section

63 Bakery Section
Bungay. Disbanded 29 August 1918.

65 Bakery Section

66 Bakery Section*
Curragh Camp, Ireland.
*The source gives this as a Field Bakery and disbanded 1 December 1919.

66 Bakery Section

67 Bakery Section

69 Bakery Section
Bedford. (Newspapers confirm it was on Ampthill Road)

70 Bakery Section
Darlington. Disbanded 17 April 1919.

71 Bakery Section
Formed 18 March 1916 at Winchester.

72 and 73 Bakery Sections
Went to East Africa 7 February 1916.

74 Bakery Section
Formed 23 February 1916 and landed at Le Havre two days later.

78 and 81 Bakery Sections
Brocton Camp, Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.

87, 88 and 90 Bakery Sections
Clipstone Camp, Nottinghamshire.

95 and 96 Bakery Sections

97 and 98 Bakery Sections

99 and 100 Bakery Sections

101 Bakery Section
Gailes. Disbanded 26 February 1919.

102 Bakery Section

103 Bakery Section
Dover. Disbanded 5 December 1918.

104 Bakery Section

105 Bakery Section
Dover. Disbanded 8 December 1918.

112 Bakery Section
Saxmundham. Disbanded 20 September 1918.

113 and 114 Bakery Sections
North Walsham. Disbanded 14 September 1918.

115 Bakery Section

116 Bakery Section
Beccles. Disbanded 25 August 1918.

118 Bakery Section

119 Bakery Section
Gorleston-on-Sea. Disbanded 7 September 1918.

120 Bakery Section

124 and 125 Bakery Sections
Felixstowe and Dovercourt.

126, 127 and 128 Bakery Sections
Taranto, Italy.

129 Bakery Section
North Russia.

Soldier research tips

The men who served with the field bakeries and bakery sections were of the Supply department of the Army Service Corps. Their numbers will begin with the department’s S prefix, with most being S4.


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