The raising of 99 to 106 Siege Batteries RGA

The raising of eight new Siege Batteries of the Royal Garrison Artillery was authorised by Army Council Instruction 145/1916, with effect from 13 January 1916.

RGA BatteryRaised at
99 Siege BatteryForth Defences
100 Siege BatteryTynemouth
101 Siege BatterySheerness
102 Siege BatteryPortsmouth
103 Siege BatteryPlymouth
104 Siege BatteryPlymouth
105 Siege BatteryDover
106 Siege BatteryWeymouth

The ACI stated that numbers 103, 104 and 105 would have the establishment of a battery of 12-inch howitzers, and the others would be that of 6, 8 or 9.2-inch howitzers.


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