The British Army was engaged in numerous battles on numerous different fronts during the Great War. Some of these, such as the Battles of the Somme, Ypres and Gallipoli, are well known. This page will lead you to details of all of them.

The fighting fronts

Campaign For more information Years during which this campaign was active
France and Flanders: the ‘Western Front’ More 1914 to 1918
Mesopotamia More 1914 to 1918
East Africa To be developed 1914 to 1918
Egypt and Palestine More 1915 to 1918
Gallipoli More 1915
The Western Desert of Egypt More 1915 to 1916
Salonika To be developed 1915 to 1918
Rebellion and war of independence in Ireland To be developed 1916 to 1922
Italy More 1917 to 1918
North Russia To be developed

Field commanders’ despatches

A valuable source of contemporary, official information about the fighting – although we must be aware of the personal and political points that the author of the despatch was sometimes trying to score.

Field commanders’ despatches

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Background articles

Why Britain went to war in 1914

Parliament commits Britain to war in France

Public proclamations of mobilisation of the army

The King’s Message to the Army (August 1914)

Lloyd George commits the army to an unwanted extension of the line in 1918

Manpower crisis in 1918 forces reorganisation of the army in France