British field commanders’ despatches

France and Flanders

Sir John French’s first despatch (Mons and Le Cateau)

Sir John French’s second despatch (Marne)

Sir John French’s third despatch (Aisne)

Sir John French’s fourth despatch (First Ypres)

Sir John French’s fifth despatch (Antwerp)

Sir John French’s sixth despatch (Winter operations 1914-1915)

Sir John French’s seventh despatch (Neuve Chapelle)

Sir John French’s eighth despatch (Second Ypres, Aubers and Festubert)

Sir John French’s ninth despatch (Loos)

Sir John French’s tenth and final despatch (latter stages of Loos)

Sir Douglas Haig’s first despatch (fighting of Spring 1916)

Sir Douglas Haig’s second despatch (the Battle of the Somme, 1916)

Sir Douglas Haig’s third despatch (operations on the Ancre, 1916, and pursuit of German retreat to Hindenburg Line)

Sir Douglas Haig’s fourth Despatch (I – the Arras offensive, 1917)

Sir Douglas Haig’s fourth Despatch (II – Bullecourt, Messines, Third Ypres)

Sir Douglas Haig’s fifth Despatch (Battle of Cambrai, 1917)

Sir Douglas Haig’s sixth Despatch (German spring offensives, 1918)

Sir Douglas Haig’s seventh Despatch (Part I – final offensives, 1918)

Sir Douglas Haig’s seventh Despatch (Part II – advance into Germany)

Ireland (1916)

Sir John French’s despatch


Sir Ian Hamilton’s first Despatch

Sir Ian Hamilton’s second Despatch

Sir Ian Hamilton’s third Despatch

Sir Ian Hamilton’s fourth Despatch

Sir Charles Monro’s Gallipoli Despatch

Other theatres of war (Salonika, Palestine, Italy, etc)

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Sir Charles Monro’s 1919 despatch 


Battles and engagements

What was a mention in despatches?

Original despatches as printed in London Gazette