Timeline of November 1918


A scene from IWM FVA film IWM 132 with the allocated title ‘Haig and his Army Commanders on 11th November 1918’, matching an entry in Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig’s diary for that day. The relevant entry reads as follows: “After the Conference we were all taken on the Cinema. General Plumer, whom I told to ‘go off and be cinemaed’ went off most obediently and stood before the camera trying to look his best, while Byng and the others near him were chaffing the old man and trying to make him laugh. From the Film Frames Collection at the Imperial War Museum, copyright image IWM FLM 3498,with my thanks. Plumer commanded British Second Army in Flanders and is considered among the best of his era.

November 1918

Allied offensives continue on Western Front, in Serbia, Palestine and Italy
1Battle of Valenciennes begins as British First Army launches fresh offensive; lasts two days and Calenciennes is captured on 3 November
1Serbian forces recapture Belgrade
1German force in East Africa enters Rhodesia and attacks Fife
1Abdication of King Boris of Bulgaria
1Formation of independent government of Hungary
2British merchant ships "Surada" and "Murcia" sunk by submarine in Mediterranean - they prove to be the last to be so
2Slovene leaders take over administration of Carniola from Austria-Hungary
3Allied governments agree to German proposals for an armistice based on President Wilson's proposals of 8 January 1918
3Armistice signed between Austria-Hungary and Allies
3Italian forces occupy Trieste
3Mutiny begins in German naval fleet at Kiel
4British armies attack again in Battle of the Sambre in France
4French offensive begins: the Second Battle of Guise
4End of the Battle of Vittorio Veneto in northern Italy
4Hostilities cease between Austria-Hungary and Allies
4British forces capture Mosul in Iraq
5Marshal Foch is placed in supreme strategic command of all forces operating against Germany
5Italian naval forces occupy Fiume (Rijeka)
5Seaplane carrier HMS "Campania" sunk in Firth of Forth after accidental collisions in bad weather
6French forces recapture Rethel
6United States forces capture Sedan in France
7Bavaria is proclaimed a separate republic
7Joint Yugo-Slav and Serbian giovernment created to control foreign and military affairs
8German armistice delegates reach Allied headquarters
8British forces capture Maubeuge in France
9Allied naval forces occupy Alexandretta in Syria
9Von Lettow-Vorbeck's force captures Kasama in Rhodesia
9Last British warship lost as HMS "Britannia" is sunk by submarine off Cape Trafalgar in the Atlantic: 50 men killed
9Revolution breaking out in Berlin; Chancellor announces that Kaiser has decided to abdicate; Prince Max becomes Regent; Ebert becomes new Chancellor
9British and French governments make declaration regarding future of Mesopotamia and Syria
9Czech force at Ekaterinenberg in Russia proclaim national independence
10French forces recapture Mezieres
10Belgian forces recapture Ghent in Flanders
10Allied forces cross the River Danube at Ruschuk and enter Rumania; King of Rimania announces that his nation is now on Allied side
10Kaiser Wilhelm II crosses frontier into neutral Netherlands
11Canadian forces capture Mons in Belgium
11Armistice concluded between Allies and Germany: hostilities cease in France and Flanders at 11am
11British government officially recognises Latvian provisional government
11New national government formed in Estonia
12Abdication of Austrian Emperor
12Allied fleet passes through Dardanelles; arrives at Constantinople next day
12German-Austrian republic proclaimed
13German force in East Africa reaches Chambezi River in Rhodesia
14Hostilities cease in east Africa
14Masaryk elected first President of Czecho-Slovak republic
14Cruiser HMS "Cochrane" grounds in Mersey estuary; breaks up
15SMS "Konigsberg" enters Firth of Forth carrying naval delegates to arranger surrender of German fleet
15Hungarian government concludes separate armistice with General Henry( commanding Allied army) at Belgrade
16Allied armies commence march to Germany: occupation of hine is an armistice condition
16Polish government declares Poland an independent and sovereign state
16Hungary declares independence
16New national government in Estonia mobilises its army
17French troops once again occupy Mulhouse
17British forces reoccupy Baku on the Caspian Sea
17Yugo-Slav national council protests at Italian occupation of Fiume (Rijeka); next day, Italians reinforce their garrison
18Last German troops cross frontier out of France
18Belgian forces re-enter Brussels
18Admiral Kolchak leads counter-revolutionary coup at Omsk in Russia
19French troops once again occupy Metz
19Belgian forces re-enter Antwerp
20United States troops cross frontier into Luxemburg
20German submarines begin to surrender to Royal Navy at Harwich
20General Marushevski appointed Governor General and Commander in Chief of Russian forces at Archangel
21German High Seas Fleet arrives at Rosyth en route for internment at Scapa Flow
21Belgian government is reinstated at Brussels
21British forces occupy Namur in Belgium
21French troops land at Constantinople
23Polish forces capture Lemberg
23Yugo-Slav national council votes for formation of common state to include Serbia and Montenegro
24British and US forces arrive at German frontier
25French troops re-enter Strasbourg
25German forces in East Africa surrender to Allies at Abercorn
26Last German troops cross out frontier out of Belgium
26French troops cross German frontier
26Allied fleet takes over remainder of Russian Black Sea Fleet from Germans
26United States troops enter Fiume
28Bolshevik forces capture Narva in Estonia
30Rumanian government re-established at Bucharest


October 1918

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