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“Did you receive a Notice?”

The attestation form used when a man was voluntarily enlisting into the army included the question “Did you receive a Notice?” A copy of the Notice is shown below. Links Enlisting into the army

Review of two Somme titles

A review of two books on the 1916 Battle of the Somme by the prolific military author Andrew Rawson. The Somme campaign by Andrew Rawson Published by Pen & Sword Military, 2014 ISBN 978 1…

“High Wood to Waterlot Farm”

Set to the tune of “Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green” (tune), this ditty was written by Lieutenant Alan Mackintosh, 1/5th Seaforth Highlanders. It reflected his experiences of the fighting at High Wood during the Battle…

“On the road from Pop. to Ypres”

“The Ration Carriers” by “DHR”, published in The Wipers Times, or Salient News, No 1 Volume 1, Saturday 12th February 1916. A poem to remember if you are thinking about a man who served in…

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Discussion forum added to LLT

Visitors to this site will find a new item in the main (black) menu that runs across the top of each page. This takes you into a discussion forum space. Please have a play with…

Legends, myths and realities of the Christmas truce, 1914

The article on the truce which has been in this site for many years has now undergone a thorough expansion: see