Review of “Stars in a dark night”

Stars in a dark night: Hornsea and the Great War by Barrie S. Barnes published by Helion & Company in 2019 paperback ISBN 978 1 912174 99 7 162 pages plus sources, bibliography, index. Illustrated….

Review of “With the Kaiser’s Army”

With the Kaiser’s Army A neutral observer in Belgium and France by Sven Hedin Republished under licence by Pen & Sword Military in 2014 Hardback ISBN 978 1 783463 18 3 517 pages. No index….

Review of two Somme histories: Riley and Whitehead

Ghosts of old companionsLloyd George’s Welsh Army, the Kaiser’s Reichsheer and the Battle for Mametz Wood, 1914-1916by Jonathan Rileypublished by Helion & Company 2019hardback ISBN 978 1 911628 86 6303 pages plus annexes, bibliography, index….

Review of “An unappreciated field of endeavour”

Review of “An unappreciated field of endeavour”: logistics and the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front 1914-1918 by Clem Maginniss published by Helion & Company 2018 hardback ISBN 978 1 913390 17 5 341…

Review of “The invisible cross”

Review of “The invisible cross” by Andrew Davidson published by Quercus Editions in 2016 my paper back copy published in 2017 ISBN 978 0 85705 427 2 369 pages plus foreword, afterword, end notes. A…

Review of “Belgrade in the Great War”

Belgrade during the Great War: the city through the eyes of those who lived in it 1914-18 by Miloš Brun translated by Ivan Kovanović paperback ISBN 978 1 912390 63 2 97 pages plus introduction,…

Review of “To our brothers”

To our brothers: memorials to a lost generation in British schools written be Sarah Wearne, photography by James Kerr published by Helion & Company in 2018 hardback ISBN 978 1 911628 25 5 215 pages…