Mailly-Maillet (Somme) then and now

In Mailly-Maillet today thanks to Google Maps. We are standing on the D619 road (rue du General Leclerc), looking northwards, just before its junction with the D129 to Englebelmer. There is now no trace of the wall and pond seen on the left hand side of the 1918 photograph.
IWM 8632. “A battery of 18-pounder guns of the Royal Field Artillery passing through Mailly-Maillet to meet the German advance, 26 March 1918.”
The site today. This is on the rue Sorel, heading west from the village. The battery is in fact going away from the enemy’s direction.
IWM Q61329. “British troops in the Rue de l’Eglise (Church Street) at Mailly-Maillet, 20 April 1918”
The beautiful ancient detail of the wall of the church was preserved from damage by the sandbags and timber seen in the contemporary photograph.


Gazetteer of the Western Front