My research service reopens

Events of the last three months have forced me to take a hard look at my future. I had closed my research service Fourteeneighteen earlier this year in order to free up time for a semi-retirement, hoping to enjoy time for travelling and other enjoyable ways to be with my wife Geraldine and our new grand-daughter. I also have a few more books in mind.

But then: my wife had a severe stroke. She has been in hospital for almost three months and finally comes home today, 1 April 2022. Her condition at present is such that she continues to need much support from external carers, and of course from me. A room in our house has been converted for her needs, and she won’t be travelling anywhere for the foreseeable future. Our plans are at best postponed, but in reality probably never likely to happen.

So I am at home, with time to spend on research again. The time I can dedicate to it may be a bit more variable than before, but essentially I can return to work and am happy to do so. Let’s see …