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Tragic incident at Crouy, 1 July 1918

This page records the events of a dreadful incident that occurred on 1 July 1918, many miles behind the trenches of the Western Front. It involves the 7th Cavalry Brigade. The case is also noteworthy…

Timeline of July 1918

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Timeline of July 1917

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Timeline of July 1915

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Order of Battle : Fifth Army: 1 July 1918

At 10am on 1 July 1918, the reconstituted headquarters of Fifth Army took over from First Army and the geographic sectors held by its XI and XIII Corps. Fifth Army Order No. , issued on…

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Training Reserve formed in September 1916

The formation of the Training Reserve A considerable reorganisation of the reserve infantry battalions took place on 1 September 1916. Before this date, most of the infantry regiments contained one or more reserve battalions of…

The Battles of the Somme, 1916

1 July – 18 November 1916: the Somme. A Franco-British offensive that was undertaken after Allied strategic conferences in late 1915, but which changed its nature due to the German attack against the French in…

Actions in the Spring of 1916 (Western Front)

14 February – 13 June 1916: actions in the Spring of 1916. Localised operations seeking tactical advantage. They include fighting when the Germans first used Phosgene gas, a major German attack at Vimy Ridge, and…