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British Army Stationery Services

The Army’s Printing and Stationery Service produced a series of technical appreciations and training manual pamphlets that were crucial to the development of military methods during the Great War. The original list has been painstakingly…

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Legends, myths and realities – the Christmas Truce, 1914

The Christmas Truce in France and Flanders, 1914 Between 14 and 21 December 1914 the British Expeditionary Force took part in several localised attacks, all of which failed with heavy casualties, and were attacked at…

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Sir Ian Hamilton’s Third Gallipoli Despatch

The Despatch of General Sir Ian Hamilton, Commander in Chief of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. Printed in the Third Supplement to the London Gazette of 6 January 1916. The Despatch dealt with the Gallipoli fighting…

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12th (Eastern) Division

The 12th (Eastern) Division in 1914-1918 The Division came into existence as a result of Army Order No. 324, issued on 21 August 1914, which authorised the formation of the six new Divisions of K1….

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The capture of Mametz, 1 – 5 July 1916

This article is about the attack and capture of Mametz on 1 July 1916 and the fight for the next ground up toward Mametz Wood that followed over the next few days. It principally concentrates…

Actions in the Spring of 1916 (Western Front)

14 February – 13 June 1916: actions in the Spring of 1916. Localised operations seeking tactical advantage. They include fighting when the Germans first used Phosgene gas, a major German attack at Vimy Ridge, and…