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The Tank Corps

This section of the Long, Long Trail will be helpful for anyone wishing to find out about the history of the units of the Tank Corps. “Through mud and blood to the green fields beyond”….

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12th (Eastern) Division

The 12th (Eastern) Division in 1914-1918 The Division came into existence as a result of Army Order No. 324, issued on 21 August 1914, which authorised the formation of the six new Divisions of K1….

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Sir Ian Hamilton’s Third Gallipoli Despatch

The Despatch of General Sir Ian Hamilton, Commander in Chief of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. Printed in the Third Supplement to the London Gazette of 6 January 1916. The Despatch dealt with the Gallipoli fighting…

The Battles of the Marne, 1918

20 July – 2 August 1918: the Battles of the Marne, 1918. A British force takes part in Foch’s very large scale and highly successful counter offensive of the Marne, which proves to be the…

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Regiments and Corps

This page is the gateway to detailed information on the units of the various regiments and corps that made up the British Army. The Cavalry Regiments The Yeomanry Regiments The Royal Artillery The Royal Engineers…

What was a Corps?

The word “corps” was used in a variety of ways within the British Army of the Great War era. Corps as defined by the Army Act, 1881 and subsequent revisions Under the provisions of this…

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The British Corps headquarters in France and Flanders

Click for details of the locations of the headquarters of each Corps; its commanding officers; and the battles and engagements in which it participated. The Corps in sequence of arrival or formation in France and…