Review of “Recovering the Past”

“Recovering the Past”
by Ian Alderman
published by Uniform, an imprint of Unicorn Publishing Group, 2017
ISBN 978 1 910500 82 8
Paperback 60 pages plus 6 postcards enclosed. Illustrated colour.
Cover price £12.99
Reviewed by Chris Baker

An interesting little study, this. It is a collection of 25 present-day colour photographs of the battlefields of Flanders in which men of the Belgian Defence bomb disposal unit DOVO-SEDEE are at work, each photo being overlaid with a ghostly black and white image of men of the Australian Imperial Force. The author takes his inspiration from the work of photographer Frank Hurley and  artist Will Longstaff, both Australian. I found the images rather striking, not least as the author has taken great care in his shot selection and has digitally manipulated the Great War imagery to fit well into the contemporary landscape. A very nice little Christmas sticking filler or gift for a student of the Great War.

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