Stay safe and healthy: thanks and best wishes from Chris Baker

A photograph of Serbian soldiers being treated for Spanish flu, taken on Wednesday 5 February 1919 in Rotterdam at the auxiliary hospital for Serbs and Portuguese. The auxiliary hospital was located in Schoonderloostraat, the building of the Society of St. Aloysius. In the centre Capt. Dragoljub N. Đurković with a member of the medical staff. {With thanks to the Europeana Collection: photograph by H.A. van Oudgaarden, Nieuwe Binnenweg 221, Rotterdam, courtesy of Mr. Piet van Bentum, sexton at the Restored Reformed Church in Garderen.

To all those visiting the Long, Long Trail I give you my warmest welcome and best wishes during these troubling times.

For those who are in isolation and in need of things to do and take their minds off the virus, I hope that you find this site valuable and helpful.

You may also value interaction with others who share your interests and for that purposes I guide you to the Great War Forum and the many Facebook groups on the subject.

My recent voluntary work as a Governor of a large NHS Foundation Trust has opened my eyes to the continual enormous pressure and strain that our staff and volunteers cope with all the time: I can barely begin to imagine what this all means to them right now. For them and all of those who are working in our vital health and public services and supply industries, I thank you sincerely.

Latest NHS advice on the virus and what you should be doing: