Want one of the very last copies of my first book?

I have acquired the very last few new copies of my book “The Battle for Flanders: German defeat on the Lys, 1918”  and can offer them at a great price. The book has a cover price of £19.99 but is now incredibly hard to find except on the used book market or as an e-book.

And once these have gone, they are gone. I will only have my own copy left!


How good?

An excellent book“: military historian Peter Hart.

It is always a pleasure to read a book by an author as completely in command of his subject material as Chris Baker is here. He has taken a complicated story and rendered it commendably understandable within the word count imposed by all publishers!” : military historian John Lee, in his review for the British Commission for Military History

“An excellent study of a vital but often neglected battle, and should be of great value to anyone interested in the fighting on the Western Front” : History of War website